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Welcome to UWU Protocol

UWU Protocol is currently in development and the information provided in this documentation is subject to change. For the latest updates, please join our Discord community​
Welcome to UWUTopia, anon. • Image credit: @NickoleNFT
UWU Protocol is a stablecoin protocol built on Stacks that offers zero-interest loans with no repayment date. Users can deposit STX as collateral and borrow up to 66% of the dollar value of their deposit in the form of UWU Cash (UWU), the fully-backed and unstoppable stablecoin of UWU Protocol.


  • ​Introduction: An overview of the documentation and the problems that stablecoins face
  • ​UWU Protocol: An in-depth look at UWU Protocol, including its features and benefits
  • ​Protocol Tokens: An overview of the tokens issued by UWU Protocol
  • ​Optional Services: An overview of non-fundamental services that enhance UWU Protocol
  • ​Developers: Documentation for developers interested in building on UWU Protocol
  • ​Resources: A collection of helpful resources pertaining to UWU Protocol

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