What is UWU Protocol?

UWU Protocol is a stablecoin protocol built on Stacks that offers zero-interest loans with no repayment date. Users can deposit STX as collateral and borrow up to 66% of the dollar value of their deposit in the form of UWU Cash (UWU), the fully-backed and unstoppable stablecoin of UWU Protocol.

How can I use UWU Protocol?

Most commonly, UWU Protocol is accessed via a web interface. Currently, the only available web interface is located at https://app.uwu.cash. Additionally, you'll need a Stacks wallet containing some STX.

Is UWU Protocol audited?

At this time, UWU Protocol has not undergone a formal audit. A formal audit is planned in the future to improve the security and transparency of the protocol.

What is Stacks?

Stacks is a smart contract layer anchored to the Bitcoin blockchain. Stacks allows developers to build decentralized applications with programmable smart contracts, while still leveraging the security and immutability of Bitcoin.

Why Stacks?

As the most battle-tested blockchain to date, Bitcoin offers unparalleled security that is unmatched by any other blockchain. By building on top of Stacks, UWU Protocol benefits from the proven security of Bitcoin and the flexibility of smart contracts.

What is STX?

Stacks (STX) is the native cryptocurrency of the Stacks layer. STX is used to pay for transaction fees and execute smart contracts.

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