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UWU Swap is not a fundamental component of UWU Protocol. Instead, it is an additional component developed post-deployment of UWU Protocol

What is UWU Swap?

UWU Swap is the first swap aggregator on the Stacks layer. It aggregates multiple liquidity sources - such as decentralized exchanges (DEXes), the Stability Module, among others - to find the best exchange rate for your swap.

How does UWU Swap work?

UWU Swap operates by first determining the optimal route for your swap off-chain. It achieves this by assessing various liquidity sources, including DEXes, the Stability Module, and others. Each potential route is evaluated based on several factors, such as the liquidity available, associated swap fees, the prevailing exchange rate, and the permissionless nature of the liquidity source. After considering these aspects, UWU Swap selects the route that offers the most favorable exchange rate for your swap.

What routing options are available?

UWU Swap offers two types of routes for swaps:

  • Direct Route: This method routes your swap through a single liquidity source. It utilizes the smart contracts deployed by the liquidity source directly, rather than UWU Swap's own contracts

  • Multi-hop Route: This method uses UWU Swap's own smart contracts to route your swap through multiple liquidity sources in a single transaction

What fees do I pay when swapping?

At present, UWU Swap does not charge any extra fees. Nonetheless, you may encounter fees from the liquidity sources involved in your swap. For example, if your swap is routed through the Stability Module, you may be required to pay the Stability Module's swap fee.

How can I use UWU Swap?

To use UWU Swap, simply visit the Web App at https://app.uwu.cash. Additionally, the smart contracts that UWU Swap utilizes are open-source and accessible by anyone.

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